My credit score is 678 — is that bad or good?

I just checked my FICO score with Equifax, and my score is 678. I’m a little confused about what that means, though. On the main display page that appeared on my computer monitor, it said my score falls into the "Good" range (but not "Very Good" or "Great"). The "Good" range, according to Equifax, was from 660-724.

However, when I printed my credit report, the word "Poor" suddenly appeared under my credit score. Same number — why did the classification suddenly change?

So which is it? Is my credit score good, fair, or poor?

4 Responses to “My credit score is 678 — is that bad or good?”

  1. ♥Anonymous♥ Says:

    Its in between.

  2. sassy25 Says:

    A mortgage lender such as FHA requires 680
    Conventional Lender 750 and those two get you the higher interest rate
    800 gets you the low rate. You are not in good shape. Clean up some of the outstanding debt

  3. ♥ Heaven ♥ Lee ♥ Says:

    It is good.

  4. Heather Says:

    FICO score from 620 to 679 is OK. You won’t be denied but the terms are not going to be too generous. Still you are officially a nice person. But you better check the increase credit score page.

    To improve your credit score under most models, you should concentrate on paying bills on time, paying down outstanding balances, and not taking on new debt. It’s likely to take some time to improve score significantly.

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