What percentage rate would I get on a car loan if my FICO is 677?

I’m looking to buy a car in the ,000 range with a trade in that will end up 00 upside down.

My credit score is a 677 right now. is that good? what kind of interest rate can I expect?

3 Responses to “What percentage rate would I get on a car loan if my FICO is 677?”

  1. cameron_m_johnson Says:

    i just got a 8900 dollar auto loan at 11.9 percent and my score ie 615 if that helps. i gues it depends on the financial instituition.

  2. Delaina77 Says:

    With that score you can expect around 9.25%. If you can get your score up to 690 before you buy you should get around 7.8% (on a 48 month loan).

    That credit score isn’t bad but just a few more points will get you into the next bracket.

  3. Kevin K Says:

    If you join a credit union you should be able to get a rate in the 6-7% range. Most CUs will also finance 110% of the price of your new vehicle so that should take care of the negative equity.

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